Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Breakfast at Maison Mathis

Maison Mathis, King Abdulaziz Road, Exit 5 


I liked the decor and the atmosphere of the place, the service was good as well. 
Food was below average, won't go there again. 
I ordered a flat white but what I got was a latte over flooded with milk foam. 

حبيت اكثر شي جو المطعم و الديكور، كان جميل جدا حتى خدمتهم كانت حلوه 
الاكل كان أقل من عادي أبدا ما افكر اروح له مره ثانيه 
طلبت فلات وايت بس جاني لاتيه مليان رغوة حليب... ماحبيت أبداً

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

[Book] Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler

Goodreads Rating: ✭✭✭✩✩
Genre: Fiction | Romance | Contemporary 
My Rating: ✭✭✩✩✩

The fact the I rated the book five stars, it doesn't mean that it was horrible. In fact, it was anything but horrible. I would finish it way earlier if I didn't get busy in Jeddah and getting sick after that. Every time I start reading Vinegar Girl, I get hooked with the writing. I loved how simple and smooth it was. I could read her writings for hours. 

There was nothing special about the story, I thought it would get more interesting than how it actually ended up. The story is about Kate who takes care of the house and her father Dr. Battista and young sister; Bunny. Her father had a strange request of her marrying his assistant, Pytor, in order for him to get a green card. 

Vinegar Girl is a retelling of Shakespeare's play; The Taming Of The Shrew. Honestly, I haven't read it, so I had to look it up and compare it with Vinegar Girl. To think about it, the book was dull and slow comparing to the play. I like the beginning and how Kate dealt with her father's request initially. But the ending of the book was disappointing. Not so much of taming! 

Do I recommend the book? Yes! Just for the sake of reading Anne Tyler's writing. 


هذا الكتاب كان المفروض اخلصه من زمان لو ما انشغلت بروحتي لجدة و اللخبطة اللي مع رجعة البيت.. اللي حسيته من الكتاب، كل ما بدأت اقراه، اندمج بكل سهولة! الكتابة كانت مره بسيطة و تسلسل القصة سلس خصوصا بإن الشخصيات ابدا مو كثيـرة.. الكتاب مقتبس من مسرحية لشكسبير ماقرأتها للأسف بس بحثت عنها و اتطلعت عليها.. حسيت في تشابه بسيط و من اللي قريته عن المسرحية، حسيت فيها حياة أكثر من الكتاب اللي كان فيه طابع ممل شوي. 

القصة عن كيـت و أبوها العالِم اللي يطلب منها طلب غريب جدا و تحاول كيت رفض هذا الطلب أكثر من مره. أبوها طلب منها تتزوج مساعده في المختبر عشان ما يرحلونه لبلده.. 

اندمجت مع الكتاب كثير لما خصصت وقت اقراه على راحتي لكن للأسف انتهى الكتاب بسرعه و بطريقة ماتوقعتها بالنسبه لبداية الكتاب! هذا الشي مايعني ان الكتاب مره سيئ، بالعكس كانت قرائته ممتعه و خلاني اتمنى اقرا كتب اكثر من نفس الكاتبة.. هل أنصح بالكتاب؟ ليش لا! 


I got the book from... 

Free Delivery on all Books at the Book Depository

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Just Another Wishlist...

2018 Wishlist

2018 Wishlist by chaos

Sometimes when I have nothing to do, I log in my Polyvore account and randomly create lists. Wishlists are my favorite. I think about what I want and put them just right there! This helps me in focusing on what I buy first. 

احب اسوي قائمة أمنيات بسيطة، تخليني اركز في الاشياء اللي رح اشتريها..


A smaller Nespresso Machine, and start decorating my coffee corner.
أبدل ماكينة القهوة بوحده أصغر و اخف و ابدأ اجهز ركن القهوة

A new MacBook, it's very expensive for me so I don't know when will I get it but I will work on it! 
نفسي في ماكبوك جديد بالتتش بار بس مشكلته غالي علي.. بس ان شاالله رح اشتريه


Expanding my Funko Pop collection. I already have Harry Potter and Rafiki with baby Simba. I'm planning to get Game of Thrones characters and Disney princesses. 
أحب الفنكو بوب اللي طالعه هذي.. عندي فكرة ان اعبي الرفوف بالشخصيات اللي احبها من مسلسل قيم اوف ثرونز و أميرات ديزني و غيرهم.. بدأت بهاري بوتر و رفيكي وهو شايل سيمبا و رح اكمل الكولكشن 


Another expensive thing.. I really want to get a lasik surgery or whatever it's called. I'm tired of wearing glasses and I can't stand contact lenses anymore! 
خلاص، تعبت من النظارة و ابغا اتخلص منها.. بس مااعرف هل انا مستعدة او لا هنا لسا ماعرفت.. 
لازم ابدأ بالخطوة الاولى عشان اعرف 


Plants! I want to make my living room greener with plants! I have the Bonsai on my mind, so it's the first one to get! And then some cactus.. 
احب الزرع و اللون الاخضر يعطي المكان حياة.. في بالي نبتة البونساي فـ ان شاالله رح تكون من اوئل النباتات اللي رح اشتريهم مع صبارات صغيرة للمكتب. 


Thameen Perfume. I'm dying to get my own one instead of borrowing my sister's. 
العطر هذا ازعجت اختي من كثر ما اخذه منها... لازم اجيب لي واحد!

A new set of sportswear! I want to make going to the gym an essential part of my life.
ابغا اشتري ملابس رياضيه اكثر لان من ضمن التغييرات الجديدة اني اخصص وقت للرياضة و النادي


Making lists is so refreshing for the mind.
So what's on your Wishlist?
شي منعش لما نفكر بحاجه حلوه و نتمناها.. ايش في قائمة امنياتكم؟ 

Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 Wrap Up!

2 0 1 7

2017 was an amazing year, it was a joyful ride and full of surprises. I loved a lot of things about it.. It started really slow and boring.. but at the end of it, things got more exciting! 

Let me start with the personal side of it.. 

I became 30!
I was planning to do a big party but somehow I forgot all about getting busy with daughters and work! I'm still not happy about that so, hopefully, I'm going to make it up next year! Anyhow, I promised myself to something new, a new adventure when I'm thirty. So, thanks to my friend.. I had my first diving experience.. 

Sara Started School!
She's so happy at her school, with her friends and teachers! I can see positive impacts on her! And what I love the most about the whole thing is that she reads Quran now! 

Alia's Baby Steps 
On November 24, at 10:13 PM, Alia stood up on her own and had her first couple of steps! 
Yes, they were shaky but oh how she shook my heart up by her attempt! She's still improving by therapy session.. One day, I will post about she's completely fine and able to walk and move just as fine! 


Life & Community


I went to Mauritius, the country was absolutely beautiful and I hope I could visit it again! 


MAJOR CHANGE! Now women can drive in Saudi Arabia and I'm planning to drive my own car in the future.. Funnily enough, I went choosing a car just a day before the news went out! I hope I'd have enough time to learn to drive big cars!



Thanks to @Kholoudabouzid I got these products from Boots Pharmacy, and they were up to my expectations! If you're looking for a skin routine, check Botanics Products! 


 It's like we just discovered this ready pancake mix! We had it every weekend, my husband loved it, and my daughters went crazy over it! 

Ro Co Coa was the hot spot for our quick snacks and family brunches!  


The Handmaid's Tale, a must-see! It's based on Margret Atwood's book. The show is amazing, the characters are CRAZY, their expressions through the whole show is heart-wrenching.. I can't say more, just watch it if you haven't and you won't regret it! 


I haven't seen a lot of 2017 movies, but those 2 are the ones I remember seeing and loving..

The movie is so creepy, it kept me on the edge the whole time! 

Who doesn't love Guardians of the Galaxy? If you don't, you're not my friend! I love Chris Pratt, I love Groot and sure I love the soundtrack of the movies, the first one and this one! 


This song is the soundtrack of 2017 summer! 


I didn't read a lot of book in 2017, I wish I did! 
The Hate U Give was my 2017 favorite book, I wrote a post about it: HERE


Overall, 2017 was a great year. 
How was your year? And are you ready for 2018? 

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Princess for a day... @ Le Petite Sofa

من فترة مريت على مكان جدا جميل يصلح للبنوتات.. عندهم تنظيم حفلات 
بباقات تشمل الاكل و النشاطات و التصوير.. المكان مو بس للحفلات، هو كافيه 
مخصص للبنات الصغيرات.. يقضوا فيه وقت باللعب بالعرايس، يحطو ميك اب 
ويسوو عرض أزياء او فقرة طبخ و قراءة كتب

اسم المكان 
Le Petite Sofa Lounge
 صالون و مقهى للبنوتات

بـ شارع عثمان بن عفان، بالرياض 

عربة الأميرة عشان التصوير 👸

مكان السبا و عرض الأزياء 👸

مكان للأمهات، يجلسوا يتقهووا على بال ما الأميرات يخلصوا الحفله!

Instagram @lepetitesofa